We understand that a family's biggest investment is often their home and it's weather barrier, it's roofing system.  We, the owners and staff of Sitte Roofing, are motivated to help families maintain a safe and efficient roofing system by providing only the highest quality craftsmanship and expertise for every project we complete.

Read below to learn about some of the services we provided for our Residential Clients.

Residential New Construction
Building a new home is exciting and Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. can install a shingle or metal roof to protect your new investment.  We have significant experience working with local building contractors and financial draw schedules often associated with new construction financing.  Ask your building contractor to contact us today, and we will provide a free quote based off of your building plans!

Metal Roofing
Installing metal roofing panels provides a timeless look to any home and Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. has one of the few crews in Bay County, Florida that installs metal roofing panels. We specialize in installing 26 Gauge Metal Panels and Standing Seam Metal Panels, which can often be installed directly over an existing roofing system.  Contact us today for a free Metal Roof Estimate.

Roof Repairs (Major and Minor)
If left unresolved, even small amounts of damage, such as a missing shingle or an exposed fastener, can lead to unnecessary damage to your roofing system.  If you notice any damage or leaking of your roof, please contact Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. We will send a technician to assess the damage and provide a quote for repair or replacement.

Shingle Roof Replacements
We understand the financial investment of replacing a home's roof.  With over 45 years specializing in Shingle Roof Replacement, also called a "re-roof," Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. ensures that you will get the best new roofing system for an affordable and fair price.  Check out our Products Page to learn more about the shingle options available for your roofing project.



Roof Inspections & Wind Mitigation Reports
 Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. has partnered with Five Star Inspections to provide insurance reports such as Roof Inspection Reports and Wind Mitigation Reports.  Providing these reports to your insurance company may lead to a reduction in insurance costs and/or an allowance by an insurance company to prolong a roof replacement based on age.  Contact us today to learn more about these options.

*As a service to our clients, we provide a Wind Mitigation Report for every roof replacement we complete, and will work with your insurance company for any other documentation they may require.

Low Pitch / Flat Roofing Systems
Sitte Roofing & Guttering, Inc. can repair or replace your low pitch or flat roof.  Replacement options include removal of tar and gravel and installations of a superior roofing system called Volatile Free, or VFI.  As one of the first roofing companies in Bay County to specialize in the application of VFI, we have the expertise to install this revolutionary system.  View our products page to learn more about the benefits of VFI.